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Railway Junction - [ Walter D.L Mare ]

Discussion in 'English Poetry' started by Smart, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Smart

    Smart Room Owner Staff Member

    Poet: Walter D.L Mare
    Poem: The Railway Junction


    From here through tunnelled gloom the track

    Forks into two; and one of these

    Wheels onward into darkening hills,

    And one toward distant seas.

    How still it is; the signal light

    At set of sun shines palely green;

    A thrush sings; other sound there's none,

    Nor traveller to be seen-

    Where late there was a throng. And now,

    In peace awhile, I sit alone;

    Though soon, at the appointed hour,

    I shall myself be gone.

    But not their way (the bow-legged groom,

    The parson in black, the widow and son,

    The sailor with his cage, the gaunt

    Gamekeeper with his gun.

    That fair one too, discreetly veiled

    All, who so mutely came, and went,

    Will reach those far nocturnal hills

    Or shores, ere night is spent.

    I nothing know why thus we met-

    Their thoughts, their longings, hopes, their fate:

    And what shall I remember, except-

    The evening growing late-

    That here through tunnelled gloom the track

    Forks into two; of these

    One into darkening hills leads on,

    And one toward distant seas?


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