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Confession :) Form My Fb Page

Discussion in 'Current Affairs & Issues' started by GaBBaR, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. GaBBaR

    GaBBaR Member

    21 F
    hello. I just wanna confess, I've never had love in my life never get it from anyone so I don't trust on love. I don't think love exists. I've a friend, I don't understand why sometimes he behaves as if I'm his wife. I don't know why he he talk to me when he wants to (or I feel like that) but just tell me when I catch him online or he just don't text me back. it simply hurt I don't know why but it hurts. it feels paining somewhere in chest. or day before yesterday was simply enough. actually I asked him to recite Qur'an (our holy book) because he haven't ever learnt it so I was teaching him. I went online just for him but he didn't come or his data was on and than he replied hello but than he off his data and went. that was enough I went just for him I'd to offer namaaz. he knew it but didn't come. or than he didn't replied me he came online but simply didn't reply me I don't know the reason but it kills me inside. or I said bye forever or he's gone. I wanna know whats the reason behind. I don't know but whenever he's with me I feel like happy. but whenever he's not with me I don't know why but I'm unable to eat anything or whenever he's not with me I fell sick. I don't know why I'm just crying from past night because he's gone. I'm unable to stop my tears. i don't even know why i'm crying. wo jab bhi jata tha wapas ajata tha but abb mjhe nhi lag rha. just tell me what should I do shall I text him or ask him the reason behind not texting me or just let him go.

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