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Additional help with Nickname Controls

Discussion in 'Helpdesk' started by Smart, Oct 17, 2016.


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  1. Smart

    Smart Room Owner Staff Member

    (1) How to make your nick quit from the Chat Room when it disconnects?

    Ans: Use ghost command to make your nick quit from the Chat Room if it gets DC but is still in the Chat Room.

    Syntax: /ns ghost DC-nick your-password

    Example: /ns ghost Blue 123

    Then type /nick NewNick to change your nick back.


    (2) What to do if your nick has been changed into guest*** automatically and you are unable to change it?

    Ans: It usually happens when you have the enforce command turned on and you do not identify your nick after joining the Chat Room within the given time (Default time-limit 30 seconds). After which your nick gets reserved by the services (usually happens after 2 wrong attempts).

    -> What to do?

    Use release command to release your nick from Nick-Services enforcer by letting them know you are the real owner of that nick name. You'll need your password for that

    Syntax: /ns release reserved-nick your-password
    Example: /ns release Blue 123

    Then type /nick Released-Nick to change your nick back.


    You can use these commands only if you are having a registered nick name

    Visit the Following Link to learn how to register your nickname, Also learn there how to use Enforce command.



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